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Bremont's latest collection pays tribute to the British Armed Forces

If you have never heard of Bremont replica , the first thing to know is that it is a rare thing: a luxury British watch brand with international followers.

Founded in 2002 by two brothers, Nick and Giles English, Bremont produces watches that are relevant to British engineering and the history of aviation, automotive and marine.

Bremont's recent efforts are a series of armed forces jointly developed with the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), which pays tribute to past and present men and women who serve in the British forces. There are three watches in the series: the Army Broadsword, the Royal Air Force Arrow, and the Royal Navy's Argonaut.

These three models are classic military watches with a black dial, luminous hands, hour markers and stainless steel case with a canvas strap. Broadsword displays time and date; Arrow is a chronograph (stopwatch function); Argonaut dive watch is water resistant to 300m 980 (ft).

There are HMAF letters on the dial of each replica luxury watch for use by Her Majesty’s armed forces. On the back of each box are the symbols of the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Bremont has given up the traditional annual Swiss watch show, but has launched new watches in different events for customers, retailers and journalists around the world. The Armed Forces series was launched in London this week and will arrive in New York next week.

Many models are sold directly from the brand's website, with Bremont boutiques on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, three in London (Mayfair, City and Canary Wharf), and one in Hong Kong and Melbourne.

For Nick and Gilles English, the family tragedy led to Bremont's creations and other things, a major contribution to the revival of the British watchmaking industry.

The brother of the aviation engineer, Yoan, was born in Cambridge, England (Nick in 1970, Gilles in 1973), and they instilled in them an appreciation of mechanical cars, watches and watches, and enthusiasm for the recovery and flight of retro planes.

In an air show in March 1995, Nick and his father drove a plane from World War II, while Gilles waited for another plane to take off. Nick and his father crashed. Youan died as a result of being affected. Nick broke 30 bones but survived. Gilles learned the story of the crash on the plane's radio.

After Nick recovered, the brothers decided to leave their job - Gilles in the company's finance department, Nick's accountant - and looking for a memory worthy of their father and their efforts to keep up with the love of machinery. Their first project began in 1997, restoring health and restoring the old-fashioned aircraft that their father started as a hobby.

In 1997, the brothers flew back into the air in a 1930s biplane to the south of France. Severe weather forced landing less than a few miles from the destination. Fortunately, they settled on the land owned by a friendly French farmer: Antoine Bremont. http://www.bagsbagu.com

Antoine helped the brothers hide their planes in his barn, avoiding the blink of an eye of French officials who disapproved of the aircraft's irregular stay on their territory.

Nick and Gilles found that their master was also a pilot who likes to play with mechanical devices.

Realizing that the launch of the aircraft manufacturing business was beyond the scope of the possibilities, and that in the early 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries, the wet soil of the UK supported a huge watch industry, and the brothers decided to respect the father’s memory in the best way to build a UK Watch brand. Thanks to the French farmer, the brand already has a name: Bremont.

After the establishment of a digital media distribution business launched in 2001, the brothers have the money to start their watch brand. Nick and Giles planned, developed and tested various designs before launching their first Bremont watch in 2007.

Today, Bremont produces about 10,000 watches a year at the Henley-on-Thames studio, 40 miles west of London. The case and crystal are made in the UK, some internal components are also being manufactured, and others are from Switzerland. The meeting took place in Henry.

The brothers are investing millions of pounds to turn their Henry base into a mature watch manufacturer, which is not a simple matter of buying and inserting machines. Watchmaking requires people, especially micro engineers, software engineers, and watchmakers.

Getting facilities and people ready to roll means years of planning and training. At some point in the next decade, Nick and Gilles hope to achieve this.[https://www.chronowrist.ru

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