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GRAHAM LONDON Swordfish Bronze replica

GRAHAM LONDON 2SXAK.G01A Swordfish Bronze replica watch

Item Type: Replica Swordfish Bronze Watches
Gender: men
Model Number: 2SXAK.G01A
Case Material: bronze,Round
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
Dial Diameter: 46 mm
Dial: Green
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Green rubber
Water Resistance Depth: 100m
Year: 2019
Functions: Chronograph (seconds, 30 minutes counter),Hours, minutes, seconds

Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT

Graham, the Swiss independent watch brand, launched the new Chronofighter Vintage GMT at the 2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show.

The Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT is a modern automatic chronograph and GMT watch with some retro influences - all in all, this watch has a striking watch. The thick 44mm steel case has a left chronograph configuration with an enlarged pusher at the top and a complex trigger mechanism in the middle that combines a coaxial onion crown and buttons. The detailed case adds a thick lug that matches the chronograph system and a toothed one-way outer bezel to assist with the GMT function of the item.

The dial is available in dark green, brown, black or blue - like the case, it is completely intricate in all the different details. It is worth noting that the large black dial in the center of the watch shows a 30-minute timer with a red pointer and a white manual second hand display. Around the dial, we found the Super-LumiNova coating and red hands, numbers and indices, and the Big 6 is the only Arabic number for the hour mark. At the top of the dial is a large double-dish date window with slightly curved edges, red GMT hands and retro-style syringe shaped hour and minute hands.

The G1733 automatic chronograph movement features Graham's modified Valjoux 7750, which powers all functions in the interior of the watch. The movement is visible through the sapphire bottom cover and provides a 48-hour power reserve once fully charged.

As the brand says, the Chronofighter Vintage GMT watch is the “tough guy” of time travel. Although this watch does not have any absolute direct reflection of the specific old chronograph or GMT, it can fill the market with more market demand, and the more masculine works still have some historical enlightenment. In these inspirations, you will notice the onion crown, thin ceramic GMT outer ring and syringe hour and minute hands. But you will also notice a lot of non-retro influences, making it a modern watch for a large number: a small enlarged dial, a curved large date window, a removable GMT bezel, and a thick case and unique Trigger chronograph fader mechanism.richard mille rafael nadal


Graham 1695 is a Swiss brand with a long history of British tradition. The name comes from George Graham, a famous British watchmaker in the 17th century, and when Graham joined the London Watchmakers Association. Graham died a few centuries ago, but his name was reborn in the 1990s, when Eric Loth bought the name of a British watchmaker and introduced Graham 1695 and Arnold & Son. Arnold&Son specializes in fine timepieces, while Graham creates modern sports and aviator-style watches in a unique way.

The Chronofighter series dominates Graham's lineup, consisting primarily of pilot/racing watches. In my opinion, today no design looks like a timer. I have seen left-handed watches and left-hand chronographs, but I have never seen a left-hand chronograph with trigger activation. When you wear your watch for the first time, the layout is disturbing, especially for me to be left-handed, forcing myself to get used to the right-hand watch. The trigger/crown guard added a few millimeters to the left side of the watch, so my initial thought was that the wrist was very clumsy. However, after wearing Chronofighter for a few days, I was happy to seize every opportunity to squeeze the trigger and barely noticed the extra metal.

The layout of the Chronofighter chronograph is the opposite of the conventional right-hand chronograph; the bottom pusher/trigger starts and stops the chronograph, and the top button resets it. Triggers emphasize this change in layout, which feels very natural and comfortable with the chronograph. Since the design of the trigger is completely different from the design of the standard putter chronograph, I can understand why no one uses it, but from an ergonomic point of view, this is an amazing achievement. It's worth noting that because I am the left-hander on the right wrist, I don't know how the left wrist feels. Graham's layout is very popular as a person who has to twist his wrist into a weird shape to activate a standard chronograph (while still seeing the dial).

One of the main drawbacks of the crown protection/trigger design is that changing the crown position can be a bit tricky. The trigger and the shroud are in the usual position, where I place my fingers, and the bezel overlaps the case by about a millimeter. Because of these decision choices, sometimes it is a struggle for my fingertips to set the hand behind the crown. The crown itself is large and has a deep knurling, so once it is pulled into place, the winding and setting time feels good.wholesale replica watches

The GMT hand is large and obvious and is the two most important features of this complication. It is paired well with the black ceramic one-way frame. The 24-click bezel is well designed and stands tall from the case, making it easy to grip and rotate. I really like the inclined grooves that extend along its perimeter because they don't add any functionality and they look great. Sometimes it looks good enough. Just like setting the time on the hour and minute hands, the GMT hand is a little trick due to the overlapping borders, but apart from that, I have no problem with the watch time.

At 44 mm, Chronofighter is big. The trigger has an 8 mm increase on the left side, and the thick bezel makes it very tall on the wrist, but despite its weight, it wears less than you think. This short lug reduces the case and makes the wrist easier to handle, but don't expect it to fit tight-fitting shirt cuffs.

Although this is called Chronofighter 'Vintage' GMT, it is not like a "traditional" watch like the Black Bay or the new Omega Seamaster 300. The vintage elements (the hand of the cathedral and the double date window) are eclipsed by the contemporary. The size of the case and the modern feel of the watch. It looks more retro than some other Chronofighters, which do more experiments with the hour mark design, but the Vintage GMT is a modern watch that runs through it all the time. I really want to know what Graham's "real" traditional watches look like, even if they don't have watches from the early 20th century.

Inside the watch is the Graham Calibre G1733, a modified ETA Valjoux 7750 with the addition of GMT modules and custom rotors. It has a 40-hour power reserve and a beat of 28,800 bph. The 7750 is the real main force of the movement, and it is reliable in the process of using the watch, although I would rather see the column chronograph movement on the CAM. The chronograph can be easily activated with a trigger and I think it will be perfect when combined with the slight touch required to activate the column wheel. The movement is decorated with traditional Geneva stripes on the rotor, and the base has a blue screw for the measurement. In this price range, I see more impressive watch decorations, but the decoration is by no means the whole or the end of the watch. HYT Skull replica

After two weeks at Graham, I was really obsessed with the unique design and functionality. Sometimes the size of my special emotions is a bit big, and I often worry about scraping huge, oversized buttons, but when I send it back, I want more time. It may not be perfect, but Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT offers a unique chronograph design that can't be found anywhere else.

Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT

The new Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT incorporates a second time zone in the design, inspired by a variety of times. This model combines contemporary timepieces with a unique retro flashback. Of course, the trademark stop trigger is always there.

This watch features a G1733 automatic chronograph movement. The unidirectional rotating bezel is adorned with lateral helical teeth and has 24 positions. There is also a large double-dish date at 12 o'clock and the dial can be opened. The box locking mechanism adds a retro slow, humming sound to the movement of the ceramic bezel.

The dark sun-brushed dial features a radial gradient that captures a variety of shades for optimal display of Superluminova markers and a smooth counter with a ribbed ring. The exterior is outlined by the back of the transparent case to show the movement.

Designed for real and aspiring global travellers, whether they are on Route 66 or from aviation repairs.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Watch

If you keep following my weekend review comments, you will notice that I tend to like bigger watches. But even this monster - Graham oversized GMT - is too big for me.

Graham is a British luxury watch manufacturer. The company is named after the famous watchmaker George Graham, which is mainly produced in Switzerland and uses a combination of custom movements and some improved ETA parts. The timer is a bit different and more interesting.

What are you looking at here? First of all, this is one of Graham's flagship watches. It contains an automatic movement G1733, Graham's first internal movement, a big date at 12 o'clock and a large GMT hand. It also comes with a chronograph with a unique pusher/crown unit that stops and starts measuring, and a plunger-like pusher. hublot mp-05 replica

This large trigger stops and starts the chronograph, which also protects the crown. The case is 47 mm in diameter and the watch is very thick with an iconic solid case on the back of the case. It is 100 meters waterproof on the surface.

On the wrist, especially the leather strap, this watch is very light. However, the side triggers are definitely the taste of the day after tomorrow, if you are on the slightly slim side, the body will often be excavated. Although I don't think I am slim, I think it is a bit too big.

But what to wear is very interesting. Graham is a polarized watch company that has been on the scale for 14 years. This piece is bold and eye-catching, and the essential “tools” of British descent and watches make it an interesting discovery. This is also good for handmade cakes.

Among all the large watches I reviewed, this watch is the most difficult to recommend. I am more inclined to encourage people to visit dealers and try this to personally understand how it fits. I am worried that this is important - in the past few decades, a conceptual watchmaker has pulled down and promoted each other.

Graham has a unique new vision, and although they are attacked by some purists, I will say they are bold. Chronofighter is a huge watch for those who like big watches, and for the sake of money, I haven't seen anything that beats it on visibility, usability and pure cheeks.

Painted History: Graham's Nose Art Watch

What are the benefits of war? If you are a watch fan then there is actually a lot! Collectors always want to give retro watches to military personnel, and many brands draw inspiration from the new version of historical watches. Graham's limited-edition nose art collection is not inspired by historical watches (the Graham's iteration was founded in the 1990s) but from the iconic noses of military fighters and bombers.

Since the air war, military pilots have been drawing the nose and fuselage of the aircraft. In the First World War, German and Italian pilots painted images of their allied enemies on their planes (it seems that playing the dog itself is not terrible enough!) but this trend is second. The US Army Air Force is truly associated with pilots in World War II. Their plan was not to scare their enemies, but to improve the morale of their own army, and it turned out that the popular paintings of women wearing overeating. It is these iconic military art pieces that give Graham an inspiration from the watch. urwerk ur-110 replica

Last year, the Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art Collection began as a series of four watches, each with a different pictorial girl painted on the dial. The collection has now expanded from Sally, Lilly, Anna and Nina's original product line to include two new watches: Merry was announced as a special Christmas themed version at the end of last year, and Kelly was released in early 2018 to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

All watches are designed around existing Graham aesthetics and their signature left-hand chronograph is activated with triggers. The 9 o'clock position is the date/date aperture, with the name of the pictorial written in stylized text and the number of the limited edition above. Your own stitch is removed halfway from the timer minute counter at 6 o'clock and the watch runs the second hand at 3 o'clock.

Last year I used one of the nose art works (Anna) for a while, and I was amazed at the wear resistance of the watch. I don't describe it as slim at 44mm, but this flipped short lug does a lot of work to help the physical size of the watch look smaller than it actually is. As a left-hander, sticking out the watch to activate the chronograph on my right wrist is an annoyance that I have learned to endure, so welcome to use the left chronograph and the big push trigger to change the rhythm. In my daily life, I rarely use chronographs, but the novelty of triggers makes my attention longer than standard chronographs. How does the right-hander use the left-hander layout I don't know fairly!

All watches in the Graham Nose Art Collection are powered by the Calibre G1747, a Valjoux 7750 base with a custom Graham brand rotor visible through the sapphire case back. The vertical Geneva stripe and round Cotes de Geneve finishing is standard in this price range chronograph, but I believe that the real selling point of this watch is its unique case and dial. The 'Anna' I wore last year was equipped with a military green strap, which was paired with Anna's uniform in green, in sharp contrast to the bright red hair. Other watches offer different colors, such as Nina's Navy or Sally's Black (with pink highlights).

These watches invite you to add some fun and color to your wrist in a way that is unique to Graham. If you are always looking for a watch with a unique vintage style, then the Nose Art collection may be right for you!


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